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VisMO Core PRogram

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The VisMO Core program was funded by the National Science Foundation, and led by the University of San Diego. The VisMO Core program offered two after school enrichment programs to 4th grade students, VisMO Core Owl Program and VisMO Core Elephant Program in spring 2021 and conducted a randomized comparison study to understand these innovative enrichment programs on 4th grade students’ development of visuospatial skills and academic competencies from spring 2021-spring 2022.

We are no longer accepting applicants for this program


The VisMO Core Owl Program focuses on visuospatial skills and mathematics concepts.  The Owl curriculum is designed to be a hands on virtual program based on origami and paper folding. Students will engage in small group learning opportunities where they will create, problem solve, collaborate and discuss various spatial challenges and concepts.  Students chosen to participate in this program will be provided all of the materials they will need. 

Owl Program


Elephant Program

The Elephant Program is a literacy based program featuring social emotional development. The Elephant curriculum features grade-friendly texts that are centered around celebrating diversity and inclusion, gratitude and mindfuless, and environmental respect and awareness. Students will engage in small group learning opportunities where Elephant teachers will offer read-alouds, journaling, group discussions, vocabulary development, drawing, and real-life considerations for improvements within our community. 

Home School


Current 4th grade students.

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