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Course Outline

Unit 1

  • Learn simple spatial and origami words

  • Establish the mindset of observing and analyzing visual-spatial information

  • Generate strategies and experience the prototyping process

  • Know and apply the 3P’s of origami (precision, practice, perseverance)

Unit 2

  • Engage in describing the spatial relations between objects

  • Practice sketching 2D projects of objects from specific view points. 

  • Collaborate with peers to create a cube.

  • Design a new shape and experience an exchange of ideas. 

Unit 3

  • Transform and visualize 2D and 3D shapes through rotation

  • Train your mind to mentally rotate objects through our secret method

  • Create a  3D spinner

Unit 4

  • Learn about reflection and reflectional symmetry

  • Transform and visualize 2D shapes through reflection  

  • Create a new type of model

Unit 3

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