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Day 7: Challenge


Model Creator: Francesco Mancini

Model Source: OrigamiUSA

Materials needed: One square piece of paper.


1. Read the Exploration task.

2. Set a finish line or create a target area to blow your windsurfer into.

3. Use the diagram instructions below to construct a windsurfer.

Exploration task: Try blowing on different parts of the windsurfer. How does the movement of the windsurfer change as you blow on different parts of it to make it move? From which angle does the windsurfer move the farthest, slowest or fastest? How do you make it turn right or left?



Twirl like a windsurfer. What are some of your favorite movements you like to do at home to stay active and healthy?

Finished with the challenge? Sign-in as a member and post your pictures or videos of your completed models below.

You can also post your comments or questions below or email us

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