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Day 3: Challenge

Dog or Cat?

Model Creator: Francesco Mancini and Francesco Decio

Model Source: OrigamiUSA

Materials needed: Two square pieces of paper.


1. Read the exploratory task below.

2. Look at both diagrams.

3. Use the diagram instructions below to construct a dog, a cat, or both.

Exploration task:

First try to answer the following question just by comparing the two diagrams (without folding) Starting from a folded dog, describe what you would do to change it into a cat. What if you started with the cat; what would you do to get back to the dog?




Do you like dogs? Do you like cats? How are dogs and cats alike and how are they different from each other? Write a story about your favorite pet. How has limiting driving, traveling and other activities affected the environment and the behavior of animals?

Finished with the challenge? Sign-in as a member and post your pictures or videos of your completed models below.

You can also post your comments or questions below or email us

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1 Comment

Sofia Sanchez
Sofia Sanchez
Apr 01, 2020

I decorated my cat and dog too!

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