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Day 2: Challenge

Reusable Materials Around your House

Paper Model Creator: Francesco Mancini

Paper Model Source:

Materials needed: One square piece of paper.


1. Read the exploratory task below

2. Look at the diagrams for each house.

3. Use the diagram instructions below to construct house 1, then try house 2.

Exploratory task:

Take a look at the diagram instructions for Bicolor House 2 on the next page. What is the minimum number of steps you need to take starting with your Bicolor House 1 model to create Bicolor House 2? Explain.

House 1

House 2

Reflection Task:

The Coronavirus has made it difficult for many people to get things easily. What are some things around your house that you can reuse and make into something else that you can use? Make a list of reusable items in the house and how you can use them in different ways.

Finished with the challenge? Sign-in as a member and post your pictures or videos of your completed models below.

You can also post your comments or questions below or email us

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