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Day 10: Challenge

Jumping Frog

Model Creator: Traditional Design

Model Source: OrigamiUSA

Materials needed: One 3-inch by 5-inch rectangular piece of paper.


1. Use the diagram instructions on the next page to construct a frog. 

2. Try to make the frog jump into the box you made yesterday from different places.

3. Then, read and consider the questions below.

Exploration: What's the farthest distance away from the box that you can make the frog jump into it? Cut out and use the ruler on the bottom of this page to make your measurement. 

Jumping Frog

Jumping Frog

Reflection: Think of someone who is as far away from you as possible. What do you want to say to that person?

Finished with the challenge? Sign-in as a member and post your pictures or videos of your completed models below.

You can also post your comments or questions below or email us

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1 commentaire

Sofia Sanchez
Sofia Sanchez
13 avr. 2020

I had never heard about this origami animal before. It's so cool how it can actually move!

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