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Day 1: Challenge

Picture Frame

Paper Model Creator: Yuri Murgia & Luca Congia

Paper Model Source:

Materials needed: One rectangular (non-square) piece of paper, preferably construction paper


1. Read the exploratory task below

2. Think about how big you want your picture frame.

3. Use the diagram instructions below to construct a picture frame.

Exploratory task:

What size photo can perfectly fit in your frame? If you have a 4 inch by 6 inch photo, how can you adjust your folds/paper to create a frame that will fit?

Reflection Task:

Find a photo or draw a picture of a moment that you want to capture. Why is this moment special for you?

Finished with the challenge? Sign-in as a member and post your pictures or videos of your completed models below.

You can also post your comments or questions below or email us

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